We would definitely recommend DDOS.TECHNOLOGY as a reliable technology partner. We've been truly impressed with their professionalism and perfomance. I appreciated that the cost of the project turned out to be smaller than what we expected because they made some very good suggestions. They are very pleasant to work with.
Jameson 【21.09.2018】
We are pleased to mention that the work is done to the full extent, on time and on a high quality level. They are very sharp and have a high-quality team. I expect quality from people, and they have the kind of team I can work with. They were upfront about everything that needed to be done.
Luka 【07.12.2018】
DDoS-Tech team not only knew well how to build a partnership-based working process, but also offered sensible suggestions and advice helping us to reach the long-term business goals. We are completely satisfied with the results of our cooperation.
Dominic 【26.12.2017】
When looking for a strategic IT-partner for the ddos attack, we chose DDoS Technology. The company proved itself a reliable provider of IT services. Efficiency and punctuality are hallmarks of their service. Their customer service is second to none. Pricing is fair and transparent - definitely value for money.

Order DDoS Attack on Website Competitors

Do you want to order ddos attack to destroy your competitor’s online business? We will be happy to help you. To order ddos, you need to have Bitcoin cryptocurrency, as well as a Telegram account.

When contacting us, indicate for what period the website should be suspended, and also send the site URL. Within 5-10 minutes we will conduct a thorough analysis of the hosting provider where the website is hosted and announce the cost of a ddos attack. We provide 24/7 technical support and constant site monitoring.

The DDOS.TECHNOLOGY has been the top ddos service on the darknet market since the beginning of 2014 To organize powerful ddos attacks, we use our own professional botnet, which took many years to develop. Our virus software can stop any website or server from functioning.

Order DDoS attack from professionals!

Stresser aka booter DDOS.TECHNOLOGY has been most powerful and effective service on DarkNet since 2014. We have successfully disabled over 1600+ websites so far. Over past 7 years, we have gained lot of respect on major hacker forums, closed carding websites, as well as respect of our competitors. We are also able to block domain at registrar level for 40 days for violating rules for using domain name. This service is worth using when ddos attack is useless or costs lot of money.

Why order DDoS attack from DDoS.Technology?

  • Anonymous deal

    For communication we use anonymous Telegram messenger, we accept Bitcoin and Ethereum, website is protected by an SSL certificate. You are 100% anonymous!
  • free ddos attack

    Free demo attack

    We provide free test attack within 5 minutes on unprotected websites (website attack under anti-DDoS protection requires preliminary preparation) whith use demo attack you will be convinced of our strengths and capabilities.
  • Online 24/7

    The DDOS.TECHNOLOGY of company operates 7 days week and provides round-the-clock support to customers.
  • Experienced hackers

    The DDOS.TECHNOLOGY began providing DDoS services for hire in 2014, highly qualified specialists are able to disable 99.9% of reliable Anti-DDoS systems: CloudFlare, OVH, DDoS-Guard, Incapsula.