ამ სერვისს დავუკავშირდი, ჩემმა მეგობარმა მირჩია, შევუკვეთე საიტის ტესტირება შვიდი დღის განმავლობაში, დომენი მიუწვდომელი იყო შეთანხმების მიხედვით, ბიჭები შეკვეთას ძალიან პროფესიონალურად მოეკიდნენ, სამუშაო შესრულდა ძალიან მაღალი ხარისხით, ერთადერთი ნორმალური სერვისი ხელმისაწვდომ ფასად. ნამდვილი პროფესიონალი.
Jameson 【21.09.2018】
I managed to find this website with DuckDuckGo, I immediately contacted the person on Telegram, he explained to me how their service works, reported the cost of the attack and showed a free test. It’s a pleasure to deal with.
Luka 【07.12.2018】
Mein Team arbeitet schon lange mit diesen Leuten zusammen, sie sind echte Profis auf ihrem Gebiet, DDoS-Angriffe sind sehr mächtig, die Preise sind erschwinglich, der Manager ist immer online. Ich empfehle den Service und vergebe fünf Punkte!
Dominic 【26.12.2017】
It took me twenty minutes to buy a DDoS attack, the DDoS tech service made me very happy, my competitor was furious, I managed to partially destroy his sales for the New Year holidays. I am glad that in our time there are such competent specialists.

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What is DDoS Service?

The booter DDOS.TECHNOLOGY since 2014 is the most powerful and efficient service on the darknet. We have now successfully disabled over 5000 sites. Over the course of 7 years, we have won great respect on large hacker forums, closed carder sites, as well as the respect of our competitors, in total, more than 300 reviews have been left about us on these websites. You can order ddos attack at any time convenient for you, even day or night, our stresser aka ddosers works around the clock. We also block domain at registrar level for 40 days, the domain is blocked when a DDoS attack is useless or costs crazy money.

What is DDoS Attack?

what is ddos attack

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