I contacted this service on the recommendation of a friend, ordered site testing, the domain was unavailable for a whole week, the guys treated the order very professionally, the work was done very efficiently, the only normal service with affordable prices.
Jameson 【21.09.2018】
Once I found this site through the search engine YAHOO, immediately contacted the person in Telegram, they explained to me how their service works, told the cost of the attack and showed a free test. I was satisfied with the service.
Cooper 【07.12.2018】
I have been working with these guys for a long time, they are professionals, DDoS attacks are very powerful, prices are affordable, the operator is almost always online. I recommend the service and give it five points!
Dominic 【19.05.2017】
I spent about twenty minutes buying ddos attack, I was very pleased with the DDoS Tech service, they consulted for free, made a test, and provided a small discount. I am glad that in our time there are such competent specialists.

Order DDoS attack on adversary

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Order ddos attack has become much easier than ever. Do you want to test the protection of your site? Punish a competitor? Then you need to contact us as soon as possible. We provide services at the lowest prices on the darknet market. If you want to buy ddos attack, be sure our experienced specialists will do the job at the highest level. To carry out DDoS attacks, we use professional software, constant technical support and site monitoring. When contacting us, indicate the time of the attack, the link to the site that you want to disable. Within 5-10 minutes, we will conduct a thorough analysis of the hosting provider where your site is located, declare the cost of the attack, and conduct a free test attack within 5 minutes.

What is DDoS Service?

The DDOS.TECHNOLOGY service is currently the most powerful and effective service on the darknet, since 2014 we have successfully disabled more than 5,000 sites. During these 6 years we have earned great respect on large hacker portals, closed carder forums, earned about 300 reviews, as well as the respect of our competitors. You can order a ddos ​​attack at any time convenient for you, even day or night, our service works around the clock. We also block a domain at the registrar level for 40 days, the domain is blocked when a DDoS attack is useless or costs crazy money. The cost of the service for each site is individual.

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Why is it worth buying a DDoS attack from us?

  • Anonymous deal

    We work only through the anonymous telegram messenger, we accept bitcoin and ethereum for payment.
  • free ddos attack

    Free demo attack

    Our new customers, we provide a free ddos test attack on the site within 5 minutes.
  • Online 24/7

    We work without days off and breaks, ready to launch an attack within 10 minutes after your request.
  • Experienced professionals

    Service DDOS.TECH began to carry out a custom DDoS attack since 2014, our service specialists are able to disable any reliable protection.