Franciszek 【16.11.2017】
This is not the first time I work with this team, they are professionals in their field, they attacked a couple of protected projects for me, the work has always been excellent, I definitely recommend these guys for long-term cooperation.
Ryan 【01.01.2017】
My company began to lose profit due to constant attacks from competitors, we decided to do the same, after a three-day attack, our competitor first wrote to us and offered us to stop attacks from both sides, but alas, we decided to refuse, DDoS.Tech set up good protection for us against similar attacks. Thank you so much.

Our prices:

The cost of DDoS attacks is indicated in minimum values, the price depends on the capacity of the server on which the site is located, the level of protection of the hosting provider against DDoS attacks and the popularity of the site.

  • Simple website

    Sites that are located on Shared hosting price from $120 / Days
  • VPS servers

    Sites that are located on VPS servers price from $150 / Days
  • VDS servers

    Sites that are located on VDS servers price from $250 / Days
  • Under protection

    Sites under the protection of antidos companies - the price from $500 / Days