Franciszek 【16.11.2017】
I can recommend this service as the best DDoS service for hiring on the darknet, they conduct powerful DDoS attacks, the guys are very smart and polite, this is the only service with adequate prices on the market.
Ryan 【01.01.2017】
The average cost of a DDoS attack on the darknet is about $ 300 per day, for DDoS-Tech it is $ 200, the prices are really slightly lower, and the quality of services is the same, I ordered a site that was protected by cloudflare, after five minutes the site was unavailable.

Our prices:

The cost of DDoS attacks is indicated in minimum values, the price depends on the capacity of the server on which the site is located, the level of protection of the hosting provider against DDoS attacks and the popularity of the site.

  • Simple website

    Sites that are located on Shared hosting price from $120 / Days
  • VPS servers

    Sites that are located on VPS servers price from $150 / Days
  • VDS servers

    Sites that are located on VDS servers price from $250 / Days
  • Under protection

    Sites under the protection of antidos companies - the price from $500 / Days